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Automatic Tape Dispenser Electric Tape Cutting Machine with 999mm Maximum Cutting Length Tape Adhesive Cutter Intelligent Packing Equipment for Various 6-60mm Width Tapes

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APPLICABLE TAPES--This automatic tape dispenser is suitable for various tapes with no protective film: scotch tape, kraft paper tape, double-sided tape, teflon tape, fiber tape, warning tape and etc. The maximum cutting length can reach up to 999mm, about 39inches. Suitable tape width is 6-60mm. If you have any other needs, welcome to consult us first.

SAVING YOUR MUCH TIME--This machine can hold two rolls of tape at the same time, which is convenient for multi-person operation, greatly saving much time and improving work efficiency! NOTICE: If loading two rolls, the sum of width of tape must be equal to or within 60mm.

A INTELLIGENT MACHINE--Via “SELECT” button, you could preset 6 groups of cutting length, and then the machine will automatically save them, once set, there is no need to set it again after power off and restart.

OVER EASY TO USE--This electric tape cutter is over easy to use: Please load the tape first, next set the required length, then set the mode (automatic or manual), and finally press the start button. After the machine allocates the correct length of tape and cuts it, pull it down. It is equipped with an English manual, please read the manual carefully before use; if there are still any questions, please contact us for help.

TRIPLE SAFETY DESIGN--① There is a safety barrier at the scissors. ②With optical sensor, when blocked by adhesive tape, the machine will automatically stop working. ③Even after the obstruction is cleared, the machine will not work immediately. You must press the start button again to continue working, which ensure your safety to some extent.

Product description

Automatic tape dispenser ZCUT-9 Tool Office Equipment microcomputer intelligent large auto tape cutter tape cutting machine ZCUT-9 Auto Tape Dispenser Model: ZCUT-9 Adhesive tape cutting length: 5-999mm Tape tape width: 6-60mm Tape the maximum diameter: 300mm Electrical materials: ABS Source: AC100V50/220V60Hz Weight: 2.5kg Size: 116mm ( W ) *140mm ( H ) *213mm ( D ) Application of taper type: protective film, transparent tape, heat tape, textured paper ZCUT-9 220V 6-60mm Width Automatic Tape Dispenser Automatic Tape Cutting Machine Desktop Tape Dispenser Product Information 1. It can be used in various sizes of tape volume without roller. 2. Set the cutting length of the tape from 5 to 999mm 3. Memory function (you can set six different demand lengths before operation). 4. By default, circulation and work count function. 5. You can cut two rolls of tape at the same time. 6. Integrated dual sensors, pliers, lubricating oil, partition for easy operation. 7. It can be applied on protective film, aluminum foil and copper paper, insulation material. Etc. 8 can be used to cut sericine fiber tape, hard tape, acetate, glass wall paper, double-sided adhesive, nomex, sealing glue, transparent tape, process tape, adhesive tape and plastic tape, etc. And without viscous material: Protective film, aluminum foil and copper foil, film, plastic material. etc

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